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Clean Room Cotton Swab for Precision Machinery Industry Applications.

Category:  Cleaning swabs

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Clean Room Cotton Swab for industrial use to clean and maintain precision components with superior absorbency , non-swelling cotton and without blooming ionic antistats.



  • Superior absorbency
  • Non-swelling cotton
  • Free from silicone, amides, phthalate esters
  • Ultralow nonvolatile residue
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Low particle and fiber generation
  • No blooming ionic antistats
  • Burnable and easy disposal



  1. Cotton Swabs are widely used in manufacturer in cleanroom and cleaning application for precision machinery, optical machinery, semi-conductor, hard disk drive, precision component, Precision equipment, optical connecter, Laser and related industry, etc.
  2. Different shap heads are designed for cleaning many kinds of areas such as small, slotted and recessed areas.