Where need to use sticky mat?

Sticky mat is mainly used for capturing dust, dirt and particles at entrance of door, clean room air shower, ground and even including some of the walls.

Antibacterial sticky mat is mainly used for operating room of hospital, medical products production workshop and some particularly demanding sterile environments.

Anti electrostatic dust sticky mats are generally used for electronic equipment in the production of clean workshop.

How to use sticky mat?

Simply peel off the top and bottom protective layers and adhere them in the area where you want. When the exposed layer is completely used, simply peel it off to expose a clean layer and discard used sheets!

How to store sticky mats| tacky mats?

There are 2 things you should pay attention.

Prevent direct sunlight, moisture and keep tacky mats flat.

Keep the sticky floor mats away from water, oil and chemical liquid to avoid degumming.

Where need to use sticky rollers?

There are 3 kinds of sticky rollers: PE sticky roller, PP sticky roller and silicone roller. Applications of different material are different.

PE sticky rollers are used in Electronics, Semi-conductors, PCB, LCD ,SMT, Computer, equipment panels and etc.

Applications of PP Adhesive roller: light release film is used for unidirectional surface cleaning machines and heavy release film is used for repeatedly type surface clean machine. It is mainly used in PCB, LCD and Led module cleaning.

Silica Gel Tacky Roller is a dust removing product with self adhesive , which can remove particles, fibers, copper filings in the course of production. And easy to transfer the dust to the sticky paper , ensure the self- adhesive long availability.