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Cleaning Silicon Roller removing dust, particles, dirt and impurities from during production.

Category:  Sticky Rollers

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Cleaning Silicon Roller, dust remover for electronics, semi-conductor and SMT processing, assembling to Capture Dust, Dirt, impurities and particles.

  • Customized tackiness, size, configurations.
  • No peeling off component form machines. No transfer of tacky material to machines.
  • Transfer the dust to the PP sticky roller or PE sticky pad, ensure the self-adhesive long availability.
  • Recycled use with the sticky pads.
  • Stable quality, eco-friendly materials and long life time.
  • Silicone Tacky Roller Application: Electronics, Semi-conductors, PCB,LCD ,SMT , Computer and etc.
Products Name Cleaning Silicon Roller
Material PDMS
Anti-fatigue Test Anti-fatigue Test 30000 times
Tensile Strength Tensile Strength 900-1400pai
Elongation 150-900%
Rebound Rate 30-75%
Shrinkage Rate 2.0-4.0%
Compression Set 10-50%(22hrs/177c)
Size 5mm/1″/2″/3″/4″/6″/8″/10″/12″
color Blue/red/white/yellow/clear
Outer Diameter 30mm
Tackiness Non/Low/Middle/High/Super high tackiness
Handle Material Black plastic/Aluminum Alloy/ABS
Packing 1roll/case