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Contamination Control Mats For Cleanroom and Critical environments 24″*36″

Category:  Sticky Mats

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Contamination Control Mats for keeping areas free of contamination with easy to use and has a special anti-microbial agent providing long-lasting protection against bacterial growth.

  •  Eco-Friendly materials.
  •  Digital label on edge helping identification and use.
  •  Economical and practical.
  •  Multiple sizes available.
  • Customized color.
Products  Name Sticky Mat
Material LDPE(Polyethylene)
Thickness 0.035mm/0.04mm/0.045mm/0.05mm/0.06mm/0.85mm
Tensile Strength Horizontal≥12mpa, vertical≥20mpa
Elongation Horizontal≥300%, vertical≥200%
Glue Material Water-soluble acrylic ester
Tackiness Low/middle/high
Size 18″*36″/18″*45″/24″*30″/24″*36″/26″*45″
Layer 15/30/60layers
Color blue/white/grey/clear/green/black
Packing 4mats/carton, 8mats/carton 10mats/carton