Sticky Mat Applications / Where needs to use sticky mats?


Digo Sticky mats also called tacky mat, adhesive mat, Cleanroom mat and Dirt Catcher Mat, offer economical dirt control system for sensitive environments, extending the life of floors, carpets and reduces cleaning costs and save your money. It mainly used in precision industrial production, food processing, unclear industry, , laboratories, biotechnology and medical environments, etc.

Tacky mats can be customized in a wide variety of sizes and colors to match the environments. Sticky mat also can be combined with a non-skid, reusable base and sticky mat for the places where the carpets, wood floor application. And it is perfect for those places where it is necessary to move the mat when using it . Also, it eliminates the adhesive residue on floors from sticky mats peel off.

Sticky mat for Clean room (Labs, hospitals, Food processing, nuclear, biotechnology, precision industrial production and medical environments)

Put Sticky mat at the entrance to remove the contamination and impurities from the soles of footwear and wheels of facilities during transportation, effectively protect sensitive equipment, materials and maintain a sterile environment. Adhesive mats provide long-lasting protection against bacterial growth.


Sticky mat for hospital

Sticky mat for building renovations , Additions, remodeling and constructions


Sticky mat captures the dirt, dust and debris into the construction area and transport dirt, dust and debris into to the clean area by soles and wheels. Saving cleaning time.


Sticky mat for building renovations , Additions, remodeling and constructions

Sticky Mat For Home and Offices


Tacky mat will minimize dust and dirt for worksites, and help keep carpets and floors clean, and also help protect and extend the life of floor finishes, carpets and home and office furnishings.


Tacy mat for Cleanroom


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