Tips for storage and use sticky mat.

Digo as a professional sticky mat manufacture, we find out that there are some problems of sticky mat caused by incorrect using and storage. So for better to use sticky mat, there are some points need to pay attention when using.

Avoid the 2 adhesive side sticky together: It usually caused by peel off the contaminated sheets incorrectly. The correct way for peel off the contaminated sheet is take off it from the number label and peel off the other 3 three corner from one direction. Take the contaminated sheet from the sticky mat once all the 4 corners are peeled off.

Don’t let the wheels of facilities rolled over by the number label of sticky mat. Wheels will take away few sheets of sticky mat from label by rolling over.

Avoid water and oil. Water,  big moisture and oil will reduce the tackiness of sticky mat.

Avoid sunlight. It will cause the sticky mat lose glue and reduce adhesive, and also shrink sticky mat.

 Keep flat in storage.  It will make the tacky mat deformation(wrinkles).

Keep no air between the mat and the floor when put the adhesive mat on the floor. Or will cause many bubbles during use. The right way is to press the whole mat to push-out the air by one direction.

Tips for using sticky mat

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