Sticky mat Frame Instruction|How to use Sticky Mat Frames ?

How to use sticky mat frames? Sticky mat frame is made of eco-friendly material. It is easy to use and dispose. Please follow below how to use frame of sticky mat instruction:



Sticky mat Frame Instruction|
Sticky mat Frame Instruction|

First, Where need to use the sticky mat frame?

1.  If each 30 sheet pad will not be completely used in one location.

2.  It is a reusable solution for hard to stick surfaces like carpet and wood floor or other tough surface places areas.

3.  Nothing can be remained to the floor.

Second, How to use sticky mat frame correctly?

1.      Put the frame on the floor where you want, usually at entrances. Meanwhile, keep the frame surface clean and dry without oil or glue(when re-use)

2.     Peel of the last protective film of sticky mat and stick the mat on the frame firmly push the air out between sticky mat and frame.

3.      Peel of the first layer protective film of sticky mat.

4.      Simply peel away the soiled layer by pulling on the numbered tab.

5.      A single sticky mat lasts for long periods of time with 30 or 60 layers of adhesive film.

6.       After one single sticky mat finished, clean the white board and stick another single sticky mat on it and reuse.

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